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Couture compagnia by Cal Exotics: The Double-Ended Screw

product picture
Double ended dildo by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Anal Probe by Doc Johnson: Anal beginners meet your new best friend!

Those starting out their exploration in the field of anal play will find an invaluable companion in this Anal Probe by Doc Johnson. With it's slender size and flexibility it will help in warming up novices to anal play; while at the same time allowing more advanced users to come up with more imaginative uses for this probe. Those looking for product for more advanced play or for discovering new sensations might be disappointed. However, given it's low price and myriad uses, this is a winner and a keeper for us!

Well truth be told this should’ve been one of the first toys that we reviewed since this was officially the first toy that my fiancée and I used, not counting the restraints we had been enjoying until that point!

So, we figured that it was only fair that we gave its due deserves and focus some attention on the original bedroom accessory that opened up a whole world of sexual exploration in our relationship.

Now, since we started using this back in 2007 our memory about the packaging is a little hazy, but if memory serves right, it came in a simple hard plastic package with a suggestive picture of a woman on the back. Nothing beyond that, there were no other accessories or booklets explaining the product or how it might be used, but then again its pretty self-explanatory!

The initial reaction to its unveiling involved slight anxiety about the way it appeared, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was a ‘police-baton’, given the products black coloring and the handle. It packs some weight to it and appears to be larger than it really is, but once again this could be because this was out first sex toy.

At the time I had the future-wifey restrained and blind folded, partially because I was nervous about how she would react to seeing it. That’s one thing about this toy -it is not the sexiest or classiest looking probe to introduce your partner too. Like I said before, it has an almost sinister quality to it from the way it appears – mostly due to its large bulbous head – some might consider that a good quality. But trust me, looks are deceiving and as far as functionality goes, this is a little gem!

The Anal Probe itself is around 12 inches long, with an insertable length of 7 inches. The probe has a larger bulbous head which beginners might take a little getting used too, and should use plenty of lube to get in, silicone and water based lubes should do the trick as they will not damage this probe comprised of rubber. After the initial insertion the rest of the length is relatively narrow and easy to glide in and out without any discomfort, even for beginners. Plus the handle really helps in keeping grips on the probe and the flare before the handle helps prevent the toy from being pulled in accidentally.

Those who are more advanced in anal play might want to go for something larger as the probe is not thick enough after the initial entry and is smooth without any curves or bumps, so the remainder of the shaft will not stimulate the nerve endings as you play with it. The only way to really stimulate yourself would be to take it out and insert it again, but that in itself presents a challenge as the probe is very flexible and hard to insert back in without careful manipulation in solo play, or even if a partner is helping you, it will slow things down a bit on re-entry.

Cleaning is quite simple because of its rubber construction; simple soap and water should do the trick. But word of caution here, since the material is rubber, it is porous an can easily hide bacteria, so this is not a safe toy to share among multiple partners, if you must then make sure you cover it with a condom for safety.

The Anal Probe is a good starter toy for those delving into the world of anal play and would work really well to warm you up to more exciting and bigger toys down the road. Given its cheap price I think it’s a bargain and good way to find out if your partner or you enjoy anal adventures. I was quite glad I tried it with my fiancee, because soon she took to all things anal related like a fish to water – and I must say, made me an even an happier man to have met her!! Also, this can be used for prostate milking, but there are better and more specific toys out there for this, but still this toy will perform in a crutch if other alternatives are not around.

product picture
Probe by Doc Johnson
Material: Rubber

As with time we have advanced in our expertise, we have started using this toy more as an accessory to other toys as opposed to using it exclusively. Personally I have found that she really enjoys to have this in her while we are in a doggie position and I thrust this in and out in sync with my own thrusting. It really fills her up and helps her achieve orgasm faster. Of course you could also use this toy vaginally, but once again make sure you put a condom on, even if it’s the same person using it.

Another thing that someone else had suggested, and turns out the fiancée has dabbled in several times when I was away, is inserting just the bulbous part and walking around with it, giving slight anal pleasures to you with every step.


Elise by Lelo: The Rolls Royce of Sex Toys

Anyone in the market for a new toy or vibrator should overlook Elise’s price and give her a whirl. Her twin motors and silky smooth texture are sure to blow you away with not only their aesthetic appeal but also their incredible functionality. Don’t waste time giving subpar vibrators a try; you’ll save more down the road with this purchase. I assure you, your pocket and your body will thank you in the long run!

product picture
G-spot vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic

The Swedish craftsmen, LELO, do not disappoint with Elise, one of their newest additions to their luxurious line of vibrators. Flaunting it’ sleek silicone design and various modes of vibration, Elise almost seems like one of the newest tech toys from Apple. Although it is on the pricier side for vibrators, I think this purchase is definitely worth the cost.

Elise comes packaged in a beautiful box fit for a queen. The packaging was so nice and inconspicuous; I keep it by my bedside to store Elise for the day. Elise also includes a satin storage bag and a compact charger. It is nice to know they make vibrators without needing all of those clunky batteries that are constantly being worn out. Included along with these is Lelo’s 1-year warranty plan, which should help ameliorate concerns some might have about investing in a relatively expensive toy. Also included in the package are detailed instructions for the unit’s features and use.

The medium sized Elise fits ergonomically in my hand and has a comfortable firm weight. It’s made from nonporous and hypoallergenic silicone and can be shared easily with some quick cleaning. The silicone is very smooth and velvety and feels incredible to gently rub against the skin. It is also gently curved to easily hit the G-spot and can be used for external clitoral stimulation.

We have also found Elise to be wonderful at stimulating other erogenous zones on both my fiance and myself. The single push-pad button gives Elise its fashionable look but was a little confusing at first. The on/off function was a slightly awkward initially but after a few tries, both my fiance and I became quite skilled in manipulating Elise’s vibrations.

Elise has five modes of vibration with a wide range of intensity and motion. Personally, the highest setting was too strong for me but I could easily find a happy medium for my pleasure. This vibe contains two independent motors, one can be found at the tip and the other at the base of the unit. The dual motors, which provide different modes of vibration, are excellent and keep the sensations exciting so you don’t easily become desensitized to the same repetitive feeling. These two stimulation points can act in unison, or alternate intuitively. The rolling sensation of one of the vibe’s settings provides a great “riding” feeling without even moving the toy. In addition, the sound of the motor is relatively quiet compared to other vibrators I have tried and lives up to the high standards of quality that LELO upholds.

Elise is relatively easy to take care of as long as you’re careful about certain aspects of its design. Firstly make sure that you use water-based lube or even oil-based as this vibe is made from silicone and will easily get damaged by silicone-based lubricants. As for a cleaning of the product goes, some toy cleaner or a little soap and then water and you should be good to go. However, make sure that you don’t allow lube or water to enter the socket for the charger plug; though this should not be a major concern as the socket is covered by a little tab which can be moved out of place when the unit needs to be recharged and firmly fixed when Elise is in use. As far as the charging of the unit is concerned, a thee hour charge should give you four hours of play, however, this time will decrease if you use the unit at medium-higher settings like us.

On the whole I couldn’t be happier with this vibrator. Orgasm is only one button away when Elise is nearby. Just add a little bit of lube (Remember no silicone-based due to its silicone material) and you and your partner will perfect a magnificent menage-a-tois. Elise is not only fashionable and easy on the eyes but her soft texture just begs to be touched.


Mouth gag by Sinvention: Muffled Ecstasy

The Silicone Ball Gag by Sinvention is the perfect toy for those looking to add more excitement to the bedroom and their role-playing games. The product's high quality and make ensures that it will last a long time and will provide countless hours of enjoyment to both the person wearing the gag and their partner(s).

Right from the get-go I knew the purchase of this ball gag would go one of two ways for my partner and I; either we would love it and make it a steady part of our love making or it would quickly turn into one of those ideas which seem exciting on paper but turn to duds when applied in real life.

 Nevertheless, with some trepidation I decided to give this one a shot and surprise her with it. After some research on the EdenFantasys I decided that the Silicone ball gag by Sinvention was the best choice.

 When the package arrived I could not wait to try it out and see what accessories it came with. However, I was left a little underwhelmed as the packaging was not as exciting as it was for something like Elise from Lelo, but I guess that makes sense considering the nature of the products. Still considering the steep price for this Ball gag I was anticipating packaging of a higher quality.

Whatever disappointments I had with the product were quickly dissipated as soon as I had a chance to handle the ball gag itself. One of my biggest concerns after doing some research on ball gags was about the smell and taste many people have complained about in other products. I am glad to say that this product does not suffer from the same failings. The ball gag itself is made from high quality food grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and is non-porous so it can be shared after some quick cleaning. The circumference of the ball is 5 1/2”, which in my opinion is the perfect size, as it its not so large as to put too much pressure on the wearer’s jaw and not so small that it fails in doing its job as a gag. While it does not hurt to bite into it hard, it does some cause excessive saliva buildup. Some drooling does occur but I’m not complaining because I love a little sloppy lovemaking!

This gag is perfect for while I was able to stop my partner from talking, but she was still able to make some noise, letting me gauge her pleasure as I teased her with our various other toys!

The straps are made from high quality leather and utilize two distinctive varieties of leather for the different pieces. The piece that goes around your head and contains the buckle is made from stiff durable leather. While the piece that holds the actual mouthpiece and covers the front part of the face is made from soft flexible leather that makes sure that the wearer does not suffer any discomfort.

The buckle is made from solid steel and has a lockable feature to ensure that your slave is not able to get out of it that easily! Nonetheless, the front straps holding the mouthpiece do contain brass snaps for quick easy release.

The Ball Gag is also relatively easy to clean. All you have to do it to take the pieces apart by snapping the brass snaps on the front and removing the mouthpiece. The leather straps can be cleaned by any decent leather-conditioning product. Whereas the silicone ball mouthpiece can be cleaned in a variety of manners from boiling it in water for 3-5 minutes to washing it soap/detergent and then cleaning with water.

This gag is perfect for those who are willing to invest in a high quality albeit slightly expensive ball gag which will last them a very long time. I can’t tell you how exciting it was the first time I put this on my partner and then tied her down using the under-the-bed restraint system. Watching her squirm as I slowly played with her body and teased her was something everyone should experience with their partner. Preventing them from being able to talk opens up a whole new frontier of kinky and bondage sex play that has to be enjoyed if you have someone who is willing to go for the ride with you.

I must add that I am not suggesting that this product is only for those into serious BDSM or anything. My fiancée and I are basically into restraints and some domination/submission and we had incredible fun with these. One of the most exciting moments I had was when she had me restrained in a chair and then made me wear this gag. After which she proceeded to do a little tease and denial play with my cock and made me squirm. Ordinarily in a similar situation I would be begging her to let me cum, but in this case not being able too only made the session more intense. Also we both enjoyed that the person in control was able to more dominant with the other person gagged!

product picture
Mouth gag by Sinvention
Material: Silicone / Metal / Leather

My fiancée wanted me to add that you have to be careful if you enjoy some hair pulling and the person has this on. She complained a few times that her hair was caught in the buckle (probably my fault...excitement makes me a little careless :D) She recommends tying the hair up before buckling the strap.


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Pleasurists #63

In the Looking Glass by PerryGallagher

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e[lust] #6

Editor’s Pick

  • The Forked Tongue by Sweet Tart
  • It is a short book: 124 pages, large font, wide spacing, maybe 30,000 words in total. And yet, unlike other books on similar topics, it does not feel like there is too little material. Rather, that Flagg is the master of brevity and precision. His is the pert aphorism, the cutting quote. He wields words like a surgeon wields a scalpel. As, indeed, he should: his topic is the use of language.
    Note: Not only does Sweet Tart do a wonderful job introducing a book to us in a well-written and concise manner (in perfect harmony with the book itself it seems) but The Forked Tongue sounds absolutely intriguing and slightly disturbing. They are both definitely worth a read!


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